Beacon Partners

We work with organisations around the UK and globally who are engaged in research and advocacy around UBI. Certain of our core partners are below.


The Basic Income Earthh Network is the world’s largest and oldest international network of basic income researchers and advocates.

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The Freiburg Institute of Basic Income Studies is Europe’s premier basic income research institute. The Bath UBI Beacon and FRIBIS collaborate on a number of initiatives, including the Politics of Basic Income talk series and the Experiments Team.

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The Bath UBI Beacon is playing a leading role in bringing the UK UBI community together, collaborating with the UBI Labs, the Citizens Network, Citizens Basic Income Trust and a host of other organisations.


CASCADE’s aim is to improve the well-being, safety and rights of children and their families. It does this through leading policy-relevant research, including on the Welsh Care Leavers Basic Income Pilot. Bath Beacon staff work on the evaluation of this pilot with Cascade.


Northumbria University is a leading UK centre of UBI scholarship, particularly in relation to health. We work closely with Prof. Matthew Johnson and his team.

The Mustardseed Trust

Mustardseed Trust is a small charity with a big vision: A world in which all beings live in partnership with the web of life for all to thrive. The charity works towards a world where ecosystems are restored, money systems serve the well-being and human relation systems cultivate partnerships rather than domination. The Bath UBI Beacon collaborates closely with Mustardseed on a number of UBI initiatives.

The Basic Income Forum

UBI scholarship at Bath has for a number of years been generously supported by Geoff Crocker at the Basic Income Forum.

The Bath UBI Beacon

Brings together researchers from across the University of Bath working on Universal Basic Income and its intersection with contemporary public policy challenges.

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