UBI Piloters Network

Research, policy, and activist interest in UBI has exploded in recent years, and this has led to a huge rise in the number of global UBI pilots. Yet for all this amazing growth, until now, no global platform has existed for sharing UBI pilot findings, creating community across the piloting field, or supporting researchers to engage effectively with policymaker audiences. The UBI Piloters Network aims to remedy these issues by building and curating the world’s first global network of UBI piloters, taking inspiration from the work of the Basic Income Earth Network and US UBI Community of Practice. Launched in Summer 2023, The UBI Piloters Network curates a monthly newsletter that brings together updates from across the piloting community, featuring updates on recent research, policy developments, potential gatherings, publications, and opportunities for collaboration. Through a partnership with FRIBIS, the Piloters Network aims to host the world’s first global conference of UBI piloters and to share best practice in relation to piloting design, research, and impact.

We ran a summer school on How to Build a UBI Pilot in 2023.

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The Bath UBI Beacon

Brings together researchers from across the University of Bath working on Universal Basic Income and its intersection with contemporary public policy challenges.

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